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This is a worldwide phenomenon, a diverse range of fruit and milk teas that you can mix in countless flavors.

The basis of bubble tea is quality tea - black oolong tea, green jasmine tea, red Ceylon tea and Genmai rice tea.

Real bubble tea is completed by topping, which lies at the bottom of the cup. The basic species is tapioca, small chewing balls the size of pearls obtained from the Manioc plant, brown sugar and caramel. Very popular are popping bobas, crackling balls with fruit juice inside, whose cover is seaweed. We must not forget the fine chewing jelly made from coconut pulp or other original topping - basil seeds.

Bubble tea is served in various forms, frozen, ice-cold or warm, so it is suitable for everyone and for every occasion. The drink is drunk with an extra thick straw and is perfectly sealed with foil on top, thanks to which you can enjoy your favorite bubble tea on the road, at work or simply bring it home.

All our drinks are gluten-free, so they are suitable for coeliacs, but also for vegetarians.

Why franchising and bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a phenomenon. A popular drink originating from Taiwan, which has gained worldwide popularity within a few years. Green tea flavored with syrup complemented by crackling balls full of fruit juice, tapioca or jelly, all in a boiled cup - this is bubble tea. Everything gets its meaning after piercing the foil with a thick straw, with which you can soak up not only a combination of several flavors but also a unique atmosphere. You mix Bubble tea according to your tastes and drink it with those you love and prefer the brand you love. BubbleMania is the number one franchise in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is expanding throughout Europe. There is no doubt why the franchise, why bubble tea and why BubbleMania.

How to make money on bubble tea?

Buy as cheaply as possible, sell as expensive as possible and delay payments - is that what they call it ???? We say - as easy as possible to buy from the franchisor, sell fair to the customer and optimize costs - as we will of course show you.

How much does it cost to open your own bubble tea bar?

The proven path to success with the construction of a bubble tea bar leads the paths that need their investment. It is around 30,000 EUR

Are you interested in the possibility of Franchising?


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